Alasdair Davies, Website Developer


Before starting University, Alasdair importantly took a 1 month break to travel Europe. During his travels he realised that his desire to support conservation activities was ever important and his experience travelling pushed him towards mixing his graphic design work with conservation, using University as a means to exploring how digital media could be used to affect change. His final year dissertation was the creation of a website called – Its objective to highlight that we could soon see the extinction of marine turtles in the next 10 – 20 years if we didn’t work to combat their threats. Alasdair also used his summer breaks from University to participate on volunteering programmes around the world, and importantly in South Africa, as it was here that he became involved in the world of primate conservation, working as a volunteer at the Vervet Monkey Foundation.

Leaving University, Alasdair decided to volunteer at the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre in Wales and offered to produce a website for them in return for helping with whale and dolphin sightings onboard the research boat they operated. A year later, the website went live and Alasdair was forwarded an advert from the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) who were looking for volunteers with website design experience. He sent in his CV and before he knew it, he was offered an internship to produce the Evolutionarily Distinct, Globally Endangered (EDGE) website. His internship transformed into a job as a Technical Advisor at ZSL, fuelling his contact list, and he soon became involved in a number of conservation projects both great and small.

In 2007 Alasdair also founded the Great Primate Handshake and established Handshake Productions with a friend. Handshake Productions is a Community Interest Company designed to offer website and media production to charities and NGO’s (including BOS UK) looking to affect change through the production of awareness raising digital media. The Great Primate Handshake is a programme of Handshake Productions, that invites volunteers to participate in expeditions in Africa, specifically designed to raise awareness of primate conservation through the production of awareness raising digital media.