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Orangutan Land Trust Thanks Dr Simon Lord for Years of Service

Orangutan Land Trust wishes to express its extreme gratitude to Dr Simon Lord who has tirelessly served as Trustee to the organisation for many years. Dr Lord has had to step down from his role due to personal commitments, but has agreed to remain a mentor to OLT. Dr Lord was instrumental in developing strategy […]

Stephenson Personal Care Join Forces with Orangutan Land Trust

From http://www.stephensonpersonalcare.com/blog/2015/01/19/stephenson-personal-care-join-forces-with-olt-orangutan-land-trust/ It’s a complex and expanding environmental issue and we continue to be asked about the palm oil in our soap bases. And rightly so – deforestation and illegal clearing is causing devastation to tropical rainforests and ecosystems. Leaders involved in the palm oil industry, from growers to producers to end-use manufacturers, are aware of the challenges […]

Cleaning your Conscience with Deforestation-Free Soap

It’s an item found in every home and is used every day. From basic, fragrance-free white bars to triple-milled, gold-flecked luxury bars, soap is something we simply can’t live without. Yet, every time we wash, we are in a position to affect the lives of people and wildlife thousands of miles away. Orangutan Land Trust […]

Indonesia on right path to saving forests: Greenpeace | Bangkok Post: news

A $1 billion deal to save Indonesia’s rainforests has slowed a “tidal wave” of logging destruction, Greenpeace’s global chief said Monday, but he warned much more needed to be done. The remaining rainforest treeline next to a newly developed palm oil plantatio in Central Kalimantan province on June 7, 2012. A $1 billion deal to […]

Fruit is Scarce in Batikap | Going Back to the Forest

Similar to all natural forests, there are certain seasons and cycles when fruit is more abundant than others.  During this particular time of the year fruit in Bukit Batikap is less abundant and like wild orangutans, our orangutans are already adapting and consuming other food types found in the forest, such as termites and the […]

Data from NASA’s Landsat 8 now freely available

Data from NAA’s Landsat 8 is now freely available, enabling researchers and the general public to access images captured by the satellite within twelve hours of reception. Landsat 8 launched this February and has been capturing… Data from NASA’s Landsat 8 now freely available.

Asia Pulp and Paper Perburuk Konflik Wilayah Antara Harimau & Manusia | Mongabay.co.id

Asia Pulp and Paper Perburuk Konflik Wilayah Antara Harimau & Manusia | Mongabay.co.id.

Penegakan Hukum Lemah, Gajah Sumatera Laju Menuju Musnah | Mongabay.co.id

Share Kasus kematian gajah Sumatera yang tidak pernah berhenti, kini tercatat sudah memakan korban lebih dari 100 individu gajah. Dalam catatan WWF Indonesia, selama satu windu sejak tahun 2004 silam hingga 2012 gajah-gajah…   http://www.mongabay.co.id/2013/06/05/penegakan-hukum-lemah-gajah-sumatera-laju-menuju-musnah/?fanpage&goback=%2Egmp_1041357%2Egde_1041357_member_244428535%2Egmp_1041357%2Egde_1041357_member_247101150

Items Required for Auction and Raffle in Support of Orangutans

Orangutan Land Trust currently seek quality items for raffle and auction for a fundraising event in London in July. Please contact us if you can donate anything!  

Orangutan Mother and Child Rescued from Massacre in Oil Palm Plantation and Released into an Ecosystem Restoration Area, Kehje Sewen Forest, East Kalimantan

Two orangutans (mother and child) were rescued on January 22, 2012 and released on January 25, 2012 in Kehje Sewen Forest, in the Regency of East Kutai, East Kalimantan. Kehje Sewen is a forest ecosystem restoration concession (HPH-RE). The right to manage this area has been awarded to PT RHOI.